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Loan Health Check

Home Loan Health Check?

Is your mortgage healthy? Does the current product meet your needs?

Are you aware that you are paying tens or even hundreds of Australian dollars more in interest per month than your friends and other customers in the same bank? Did you know that another bank’s current promotion could save you thousands of dollars? Did you know that your current property can be reassessed for tens of thousands or more down payments to invest in your next home?

Did you know that the average Australian mortgage borrower will change a bank within 3 to 4 years to save interest and achieve the purpose of debt restructuring?

We suggest that customers should communicate with your Broker for 2-3 years to get the latest market information of mortgage loans, ensure that their interest payments are reasonable, reassess whether the mortgage products at that time still meet their current economic conditions, and make corresponding adjustments.

Maybe you need to invest 100% in housing loans to achieve the effect of tax reduction, maybe you need to restructure your debt such as car loans and credit CARDS, or maybe you need to take some equity out of your existing housing for new investment.

Please call the Loan manager of My Home Loan to make a Loan Health Check. Help you save more.

We are not Sales persons, we are real loan specialists.